Organize a Donation Drive

When you see the (recycle symbol) on the bottom of a can or bottle you know you are supposed to recycle it. Goodwill has created the Donate icon to remind you to donate items you no longer need.

Donating to Goodwill® helps the planet and your community!

For nearly 110 years, Goodwill has been a pioneer of the "reduce, reuse, repurpose" practice. When you donate clothing and other items like books or electronics to Goodwill, your donations are sold in Goodwill stores, giving them a second life and keeping them out of landfills. Plus, the money from the sale of your donated items helps Goodwill provide job training, job placement, and other great programs for people and families in your community.

Organize a Goodwill® Donation Drive!

  1. Find and contact your local Goodwill.
    Ask to speak with a Community Outreach or Public Relations staff member.
  2. Reach out to groups that could help you organize your donation drive.
    Try on-campus student groups like service organizations, fraternities or sororities.
  3. Get permission from your school administrators to hold the donation drive and promote it.
  4. Work with your local Goodwill to decide on a date for your donation drive.
  5. Decide on a goal for your donation drive. Are you going to measure pounds donated?
    Would you like to have a campuswide competition and award prizes for the most donations?
  6. Decide where to place donation bins at your school - the more high traffic, the better.
  7. Set up large collection bins or boxes and attach signs with details of your donation drive --
    these bins may be provided by your local Goodwill.
    Secure locations are best!
  8. Download, customize and place posters around your campus.
  9. Start promoting your donation drive at least 2 weeks in advance - see sidebar.
  10. After your drive: thank your donors with signage and
    email pictures to
Print Steps

"Our 'Goodwill Not Landfill' program has been a win-win for Boston University and Goodwill Industries! For the past 2+ years, together, we have kept over 80 tons of clothing and household items from ending up in area landfills."

--Woodrow Freese, Associate Director of Residence Life, Boston U.

Ways to Promote Your Drive



  • - Download and customize:
  • > Box (PDF, 15.2 MB) (DOC, 4.4 MB)
  • > Community (PDF, 7.5 MB) (DOC, 7.8 MB)


  • - Be creative
  • - Flash mob?? Flash mob!
  • - Engage local media