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When you see the (recycle symbol) on the bottom of a can or bottle you know you are supposed to recycle it. Goodwill has created the Donate icon to remind you to donate items you no longer need.

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Donating to Goodwill® helps
the planet and your community!

You already know that recycling bottles, cans, and glass is good for the environment. Did you know that donating is good for the environment too? When you donate clothing and other household items to Goodwill®, your donations are sold in Goodwill stores giving them a ‘second life’ and keeping them out of landfills. Plus, you help Goodwill provide great programs for families in your community.

What can you do?

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Organize a Goodwill® Donation Drive!

  1. 1Contact your local Goodwill.
  2. 2Ask your student government or PTA for help or create your own committee of students, teachers, and parents to help.
  3. 3Get permission from your school principal to hold the donation drive and promote it.
  4. 4Work with your local Goodwill to decide on a date for your
    donation drive.
  5. 5Set a goal for your donation drive. Are you going to measure pounds donated? Would you like to have a classroom competition for your drive with prizes?
  6. 6Decide where to place donation bins at your school.

  7. 7Secure large collection bins or boxes (these might be provided by your local Goodwill agency), attach collection signs with details of the clothing drive, and place them in designated, secure locations. (Try to avoid placing bins outside.)
  8. 8Put up posters

  9. 9Promoting your donation drive:
    • Start promoting your donation drive at least 2 weeks in advance
    • Check out our "Ways to Promote Your Donation Drive" in the right column.
  10. 10How did you do?
    • After your drive, add up all of the donations either by number of items or by pounds.
    • Report back to your school with posters or morning P.A. announcement about the success of your donation drive.
    • Display the photos of the donations you collected in the main lobby or lunchroom and give special thanks to everyone who participated in the drive.
    • Tell us about your donation drive! Send us an email at and tell us about your drive - be send to includes photos from your school.

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Ways to Promote Your Drive

  • Send home a flier reminder in backpacks
  • Put up posters
  • Ask your teachers or PTA to send an email to parents
  • Have daily P.A. announcements
  • Set up a table in the cafeteria with information
  • Have your teachers write it on the blackboard
  • Hold a school assembly! Invite your local Goodwill to do a presentation about the positive impact your donations will make on your community and the environment
  • Ask your teacher or principal to help you contact the local newspaper, radio and TV stations. Tell them about the goals you have set for your donation drive and invite them to come for a photo opportunity at the school